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Here is a sample of a rather complex animated gif that we created for the APT project at the Savannah River Site. It illustrates the tritium process. Our role in the design of this web site was as advisor for development while developing some of the multimedia needs. All the video and some of the images at this site were digitized on our equipment.

35mm Photography, Digital Photography and Video Work

This is a small 2 second sample of our video digitizing work. To reduce the size and save your valuable time from having to download this file, it was recorded at 11 fps (frames per second - a low sample rate for video). It was also recorded in a small window. We have the capability for high sample rates in a full screen window.

Small Digital Video only 270 kilobytes

This is a sample of our 8 Bit/Mono audio work recorded at 11 kHz. This audio format is best for WebSites due to it's compact size but reasonable audio quality.


Angel 8 bit Wav File

This is a sample of our 16 Bit/Stereo audio work recorded at 44.1 kHz. This file is 164 kilobytes for about 1.5 seconds of audio. This sample was taking from an analog source. If you listen carefully, you will notice no presence of noise or audio drop-outs, commonly found with ordinary desktop computer systems. We are using state-of-the-art professional equipment to provide you the best digital audio at a reasonable price. Only a high-cost recording studio can do better. Your product, however, will only be as good as the original audio that you provide.

Glace Wav File


Angel 16 Bit

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