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Continue to grow as a manager,  use my education in Electrical and Computer Engineering and my 25+ year’s knowledge of systems / network communications in a quality culture; where technical knowledge and hard work will provide career growth.




BS Electrical Engineering And Computer Engineering, 1987

University Of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina



URBN - URBAN OUTFITTERS, Inc, Trenton, SC                          2012-Present


Manager of I.T. Operations

                     Liaison to internal production customers and local representative of corporate I.T. Team.

                     Management of on-site and remote Level 3 team.

                     Ownership of I.T. Operations for Distribution Centers at multiple sites including Linux Servers, Windows Servers, PCs, Thin-Clients, large scale printing operation, RF equipment, overhead scanners to plant floor robotic conveyor and tilt-tray systems as well as normal I.T. roles of warehouse management system, support systems and networking.

                     Ownership of I.T. processes for an International Call Center utilizing Verint and Avaya telephony applications as well as others.

                     Perform remote phone and on-site tuning and trouble-shooting of servers, PC’s, LAN/WAN and wireless systems.

                     Perform upgrades, system swap-outs and installations.



UNIVERSITY HEALTHCARE,  Augusta, GA                                    2008-2012
Systems Engineer


         Responsible for systems programming, systems maintenance, systems/network security and project support.

         Worked daily with IBM GMAS/NetAPP StorageGrid system monitoring alerts, performed upgrades, trouble-shooting storage nodes, control nodes, archive node, multiple gateway nodes and admin node with integration into Windows AD environment and IBM TSM. Weekly and monthly reporting using information from StorageGrid NMS. Performed several storage add-on upgrades, updated features (Samba upgrades),  as well as new versions applied.

         Perform hardware swap-outs, operating systems and application upgrades, tuning, and networking, trouble-shooting, and installations.

         Provide day-to-day operational support for data storage and archival storage systems, backup systems, AIX/Unix and Linux systems.

         Responsible for long range planning and budget for operations.

         Support to client backups involving over 300 virtual servers and 200 physical servers. Troubleshooting and management of problems involving Windows, Linux, AIX, and database backups.

         Support of large enterprise class storage systems

         AIX scripting of automated procedures such as mksysb, VIOS services, NIM operations and other AIX backend operations.

         Management of Windows Servers and support of backend data center monitoring products.

Bridgestone Firestone, South Carolina Co. Graniteville, South Carolina 1998 to 2008
Systems Administrator – Technology Specialists

         Responsible for systems programming, systems maintenance, systems/network security and project support.

         Perform hardware swap-outs, operating systems and network upgrades, tuning, and networking, trouble-shooting, and installations.

         Support to a large user base of multiple sites exceeding 900 users, 400+ workstations and 50 servers. Identify and eliminate numerous problems.

         Support of IBM AS/400, Windows, Back Office Applications and 10/100 Ethernet with 1 Gigabit backbone for Business, Shop-Floor Process Control, Development, Production and Redundant systems

         Responsible for developing long term maintenance and support strategies and design.

         Responsible for plant systems infrastructure from plant startup through full production.

         Responsible for immediate and long range budget planning and spending for systems operations and maintenance purposes.

         Support of Corporate Microsoft Exchange E-mail server applications and production databases running on Microsoft SQL.

         Responsible for co-op students and contractors with their tasks.


Camber Corporation, Savannah River Site, South Carolina           1997 to 1998

Systems Engineer


         Responsible for systems programming, systems maintenance, and project support.

         Perform hardware swap-outs, operating systems upgrades, tuning, and networking, trouble-shooting, and installations.

         Responsible for developing system documentation, audit manuals, and generating contract deliverables on a weekly and monthly basis.

         Support to a large user base of multiple sites exceeding 400 users. Identify and eliminate numerous problems.

         Support of VAX and ALPHA OpenVMS systems for Shop-Floor Process Control, Development, Production and Redundant systems.

         Support to Internet related projects and Web Development with heavy emphasis on video and multimedia applications.


MEDAC, Augusta, Georgia                                                                 1997 to 1997

Systems Manager


         Responsible for systems programming, systems maintenance, and project support.

         Responsible for Network strategies and long term development.

         Responsible for developing project plan for replacing character based system with GUI interface and SQL relational database engine.

         Responsible for IBM AIX and Windows NT servers.

         Support of PC’s.

         Supervisory role to others.

         Development of Corporate standards manuals and IS Documentation.

         Managed multiple contractors and the projects they work with.


INTERNATIONAL PAPER, Augusta, Georgia                                  1994 to 1997

Systems Administrator


         Responsible for systems programming, systems maintenance, and project support.

         Perform hardware swap-outs, operating systems upgrades, tuning, and PC networking including LAN/WAN support, trouble-shooting, and installations.

         Maintenance of Corporate standards and selection of Corporate-wide applications.

         Support to a large user base of multiple sites exceeding 400 users. Identify and eliminate numerous problems.

         Perform database maintenance, upgrades and tuning. Maintain and configure database structures including multi-volume PROGRESS databases as large as 50 Gigabytes.

         Support of UNIX / PROGRESS database servers for an Office / Manufacturing environment.

         Support of VAX and ALPHA OpenVMS systems for Shop-Floor Process Control systems.

         Support to corporate Mail Server using Lotus Notes 4.0 running on Windows NT Server utilizing Multi-Processor Compaq 4500 Series Computers.


BOISE CASCADE, DeRidder, Louisiana                                           1990-1994

Systems Engineer And Network Administrator


         Responsible for development of mill-wide computer network, distributed applications, systems management / programming, network administration / programming,  and application programming.

         Supported and managed on-line Process Control systems.

         Systems and network selection, design, installation, configuration, administration, and training of users.

         Trained co-workers. Became a resource for technical knowledge for people inside and outside the company in Boise Cascade’s largest mill.

         Developed site specific user manuals and on-line documentation for systems and applications.

         Numerous communications projects involved selection of efficient and cost effective strategies to perform desired goals.

         Task Force Leader with a group of ten co-workers with responsibility for the selection and implementation of a CIM Quality system used for Quality Control, Customer Information, Departmental Information and Communications in a production environment.

         Managed Contractors performing tasks on projects.

         Previously responsible for BAILEY NET-90 DCS configurations and engineering.

         Promoted to Engineer II October 1992.


ASEA BROWN BOVERI, Columbus, Ohio                                       1988 to 1990

Field Service Engineer


         Contractual Process Control duties performed at Kimberly Clark tissue mill. Worked intensively with the tissue-making process. 30% of time was spent trouble-shooting process problems.

         Served as ABB’s Liaison and Customer Relations Representative to site managers for systems management, software support / modification, and automated control systems. Performed analysis and trouble-shooting for systems and process problems, data analysis / interpretation, process control tuning and system modifications.

         Achieved 100% system availability and 99.4% systems control utilization.

         Was recognized as the regional SPC expert. Responsible for training the Southeast Region in SPC.


UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, Department of Science and Math  1987

System Operator


         Full scale operational duties performed while enrolled at USC in VMS/VAX environment. Responsibilities included system security, software installation, programming and modifications for three VAX 11/780 systems. Wrote VMS User’s Manual which was mandatory publication for some university courses. Involved in network configuration for planned installation of Ethernet LAN.






         VMS (2.1 through 6.2) Heavy experience (10 years) Heavy DCL

         AIX 5.2.08, 5.3.x, 6.1.x

         Linux - SUSE SLE 10, RedHat RHEL 3.x-4.7

         ULTRIX (3.0 through 4.2) Heavy (4 years)

         UNIX SVR4 Heavy (10 years)

         c, bourne, korne shells Heavy (10 years)

         QNX OS medium (2 year)

         Windows  (NT 3.0 Beta through 2003,XP) Heavy (20+ years)

         OS/2 (1.3 through 2.0) Heavy (1 year)




         Cisco 3000,4000 Routers, Catalyst Layer 3 Heavy (16 years)

         3COM Switches Layer 2 and Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet Heavy (11 years)

         VAX/VMS CLUSTER: Network programming, software maintenance, security, administration, end-user training. Heavy (5 years)

         DECNET Phase IV Heavy (10 years)

         CTERM, NCP, LAT, LATCP, MOP, LAD, LADCD Heavy (10 years)

         PATHWORKS (3.0 through 4.2) Heavy (4 years)


         WOLLONGONG WIN/TCP for VMS (5.0 through 5.2) Heavy (6 years)

         Multinet TCP for OpenVMS (3.0 through 4.0) Heavy (1 year)

         UNIX protocols: TCP/IP, TELNET, FTP, FLOGIN, DLOGIN, RLOGIN, PCU, PCI NFS Heavy (10 years)

         Open Connect Systems TCP/SNA GATEWAY Heavy (4 years)

         MS-LAN MANAGER (2.1 through 2.2) Heavy (4 years)

         Microsoft Protocols: ODBC, NETBEUI, DDE Heavy (7 years)

         HP/OpenView Network Analysis

         ETHERNET, FDDI, ARCNET, FRAME RELAY including all associated equipment over fiber and copper.

         GANDALF, ASYMETRIX multiplexers.

         SNIFFER Network Analyzers

         TTC Network Analysis




         Database management, maintenance, point definition, application programming, documentation, user training, layered product upgrades, client / server installations, application inter-operability. Mini and server based applications.

         Microsoft SQL Server (2.0 through 8.0) Heavy (11 years)

         PROGRESS (6.2 through 7.0) Heavy (3 years)

         AIM System (7.0 through 7.2) Heavy (3 years)

         PI Systems Medium (3 years)

         INFORMIX Medium (1 year)

         LOTUS NOTES SERVER Heavy (5 years)

         SAS, MASS-11, ALL-IN-1

         MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE (1.0 through Present) Heavy (12+ years)

         MICROSOFT SQL SERVER  (2.0 – 2000) Heavy (9 years)





         HTML, Java, MySQL, PHP and other various web technologies Heavy (13 years)

         MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC (1.0 through 7.0) Light (4 years)

         MICROSOFT VISUAL C++  (1.0 through 7.0) Light (2 years)

         FORTRAN Medium (7 years)

         C, Pascal, Basic, LISP, C#, VB-Script

         68000 Assembler, FLEX Light (2 year)




         ALPHA 150, 233, 275

         VAX  11/780, 4000-300, 4100

         MICROVAX 3100, 3300

         VAXSTATION GPX 3100


         DECSYSTEMS 5400, 5500

         UNISYS 6100, 6065, 6550, 5400

         COMPAQ 4500

         HP DL Series, PE Series

         DELL 4000 Series, 6000 Series, 1300, 2000 Series, PowerEdge,Optiplex, Dimension

         MACINTOSH, AMIGAS and other 68xxx based systems

         SCSI, SCSI-II, SCSI-III, DSSI, MASSCAB, IDE and EIDE based storage systems for all mass storage type devices.

         IBM XSeries Systems x3550, x3650, x346, x336

         IBM Power Series P6-520, P6-550, P5-P520 P5-P550, P5-P570, P4-P650, P4-P630

         IBM VIOS Server OS

         IBM HMC for P4

         IBM HMC V7R3.5.0.1 for P5, P6  & P7

         IBM NIM Server

         IBM AIX/Linux Protocols SNMP, Net-SNMP, Syslog, SSH - SecureShell, sudo, AIX Scripting

         IBM Systems Director 6.1.1



         IBM 3510 and 3584 Tape Libraries

         IBM DS8300 Disk Storage Array

         IBM ESS800 Enterprise Storage Array Shark

         IBM DS3400, IBM DS4300, IBM DS4100, EXP3000

         IBM SVC Console 4.3

         Cisco Fabric Manager 3.1

        Cisco DS9509 Fiber Channel Director

        Tivoli Storage Manager - TSM Server 5.4, 5.5, 6.2, TDP for Lotus Notes Domino

        TSM Manager 4.x

        IBM Storage Manager 9 - 10.x

        NetApp/Bycast/IBM GMAS/StorageGrid v7,8 Grid Management Archival Storage System





         IBM AIX Systems Administraton 2009

         CISCO Configuration New Horizons, Feb 2008

         Citrix Presentation Server New Horizons, Feb 2007

         Hacking and Security Classes – Various – ie. Foundstone

         Visual Basic Aiken Tech, 2000

         Windows & Unix Security numerous classes Bridgestone / Firestone, 2000-2004

         Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 & 2003 numerous classes Bridgestone / Firestone and other 2000, 2002

         Windows NT 3.51 Server and Workstation, (AT&T), Apr, 1996.

         Pi System Administration, (Duke Power), May, 1996.

         CISCO Router Installation and Configuration, (UNISYS), January, 1995.

         PROGRESS Database Administration, (PROGRESS), October, 1994.

         C Programming, (AT&T), June, 1995.

         UNIX System Administration, (AT&T), May, 1995.

         AIM (several classes with Biles and Associates)

         Numerous classes with Digital Equipment Corporation relating to VMS and Ultrix.


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