What You Should Know about DLL Errors and How to Avoid Them

The purpose of this article is to help Windows users know more about DLL errors and the steps they can use to avoid them.

If you have been using Windows for some time, you would have in all probability encountered DLL errors once in a while or maybe more. So, what are DLL files and how can you avoid DLL errors?

A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file is a collection of commands and is called upon by other programs and processes whenever they need the functions that the particular DLL file provides.

DLL files are present in thousands on any Windows PC. Their presence in such huge numbers does increase the probability of a DLL error occurring every now and then. However, by regularly performing the steps that are listed below one can easily prevent DLL errors, such as msvcr71.dll, physxloader.dll, or xvidcore.dll not found error from occurring.

Protect your Windows PC from malware

Keeping Windows protected and secure from malware not only permits you to prevent various application errors, but also means that your PC continues working at its optimal level.

A good antimalware tool does not cost an arm and a leg, so invest in one to ensure your PC’s security is never compromised.

Install software from legitimate sources only

Do not use pirated software. Period.

Using pirated software is not only illegal, but they may cause various errors, including DLL errors.

Always install software from a legitimate source. Moreover, while installing programs or software from an installation disc, ensure that the disc is not scratched or damaged. You may succeed in installing a program from a damaged disc but are bound to run into trouble later on when you repeatedly use the program.

Uninstall software using correct method

Incorrect uninstallation of software may also contribute to your computer woes. For instance, you may encounter DLL issues if you remove one or more shared files while uninstalling an application.

Remember to always use either the Add or Remove programs utility or a reliable third-party uninstaller tool to uninstall unwanted programs from your Windows computer.

Clean your registry

Cleaning the registry regularly is a necessity if you wish to enjoy error-free and optimal performance from your computer.

The problem with the registry is that as it works in the background, and issues in it go unnoticed till they become unpleasantly apparent in the form of errors, such as msvcr71.dll, physxloader.dll, and “xvidcore.dll not found” error.

Clean your registry regularly using a reliable registry repair tool to ensure it remains compact and healthy and you are free from common computer errors.

In the end, perform the steps listed above to attain freedom from common DLL errors and enhance your computing experience.